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April 2023 Update

by Team Pathminder on

Happy Spring!

In this update, Pathminder Meetings customers -- and their participants and hosts -- receive some great new value in the form of additions and improvements to Pathcheck™ Instant Verifications. Plus, as usual, we give some love to our Pathminder Meetings administrators.

Clarity and Veracity

The Pathcheck additions are focused on providing more clarity to the agencies, employers, and others who require meeting attendance verification. Doing so further increases the trust in the attendance verifications provided by our customers. And that means less anxiety and worry for participants.

The specific additions are:

  1. Participant attestation: participants formally attest they attended the chosen meeting as the Zoom username they entered in the Pathcheck form.
  2. The Zoom username is now included in the Pathcheck verification email.
  3. View original: the ultimate recipient (state agency, employer, etc.) of a Pathcheck verification email can now confirm that the contents of the email (or printout) were not modified.

Meeting Start/End Flexibility

Pathcheck now supports additional scenarios where meetings start or end early or late. This means fewer cases where participants are contacting our customers for help with their attendance verification.

Administration Improvements

  • Improved visibility for which filters are active, and easier clearing of filters
  • State/Province filters for both Meetings and Facilitators
  • Filter Facilitators by Training Certificate (find potential Facilitators for a given Meeting Program)

As always, we continuously strive to improve quality and performance, so some bug fixes and performance improvements were included.

And we fix outright mistakes. Sorry about thinking you used miles instead of kilometers, Australia!


— Team Pathminder