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Key Participant Features

Improving the ease of accessing recovery meetings is at the heart of Pathminder Meetings™.

That's why our customers have happily reported per-meeting participation growth of 25% and more after switching to Pathminder. Their participants are having more success finding a meeting that works for them.

But recovery isn't just about finding and joining meetings. Some participants must provide proof of attendance, and Pathminder's Zoom integration delivers. Every one of your online meetings can offer instant attendance verification, helping put participants' concerns at ease. 

Easy, Fast Search
Meeting search results designed for those in early recovery. UI that is simple and clear, requiring as few clicks or taps as possible.

Automatic Time Zone Conversion
Meeting start times are automatically converted to the participant's time zone.

Online or In-person
Easy visual iconography to find the right meeting. Instantly join online or get one-click directions to in-person meetings from Google Maps.

Attendance Verification
Pathcheck Instant Verification means greatly reduced participant anxiety about collecting verifications on time. Your staff and volunteers save countless hours of effort.

Specific Audiences
Meetings can be tagged for the specific audiences your program supports. So participants can find peer recovery meetings where they'll feel understood and safe.

Search Filters
For those wanting a precise search, filters let participants zero in on exactly the right kind of meeting for them (day of week, specific audience, online vs in-person, and more).

Key Meeting Host Features

Many recovery programs rely on volunteers to run their meetings. The efforts of those volunteer meeting hosts provide light, connection, and education to those desperately seeking it.

Helping participants access recovery assumes there are meetings ready and waiting for them, so we strive to make life easier for the hosts of those meetings. 

Self-service Meeting Changes
Cancelling a single week's meeting is the most common request. Instant changes mean participants don't travel to an empty room or wait in an online lobby that never opens. 

Anonymity Preserved
Pathminder has dedicated fields for publicly-viewable contact information, such as when showing meeting details. Private contact information is never shown.

Dedicated Meeting URLs and QR Codes
Sharing and posting their meeting is easy, whether on social media or printed out at the local community center.

Key Staff Features

Your staff, Board of Directors, and other stakeholders are all passionate about your mission. Supporting all your stakeholders to focus on that mission, rather than suffering with their IT, unlocks and focuses that passion. So you can provide support to more meetings and more volunteers with the team you have today. And then scale more easily as you grow.

Meanwhile, non-profit budgets are tight and expenditures must demonstrate a clear return on investment. Pathminder Meetings™ focuses on that too, not only by saving staff time and effort, but also by increasing revenue from driving participant traffic to the books, content, and other program resources you sell.

Mobile Friendly
Manage Pathminder Meetings™ on the most convenient screen to get work done.

Always Secure
Multi-factor authentication is standard, to protect your organization and all whom it serves.

Powerful Search
Quickly find and manage meetings, hosts, and other records.

Data Exports
Your data is your data. Unlimited data exports to CSV.

Bulk Imports
Save a ton of time and avoid data entry errors by doing bulk imports of meetings and hosts.

Meeting Health
At a glance, know which meetings have missed consecutive dates without canceling.

Site Banners
Bring attention to important announcements for participants and hosts.

Shop Promotions
Connect meeting participants with the books and resources that match the specific meetings they're searching.

Your Brand
Use your domain, your logo, colors, even change template text to speak with your organization's voice.


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