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Meetings Management Made Easy

Pathminder Meetings

Supercharge your organization's impact by increasing meeting attendance, driving new program revenue, and saving countless hours of staff time and energy. Pathminder Meetings is the leading cloud platform for recovery organizations seeking to grow.

A woman uses a laptop to search for a recovery meeting using Pathminder Meetings.

Built For Participants

Provide participants an easy-to-use meeting finder, designed for those in early recovery.

Built for Meeting Hosts

Reduce volunteer stress and workload, alleviating burnout and meeting churn.

Built for Your Mission

Improve key metrics including participant impact, revenue, and volunteer engagement.

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Pathminder Meetings

Success Stories

A leading recovery organization's meeting attendance jumped 25% in the first month alone. After 2 years, attendance tripled.

"We used to spend half our days fighting our technology. Now, we support over 1,600 meetings with just two staff members."

An organization's online shop and donation revenue grew by over 50%, due to increased meeting attendance and program handbook placements in Pathminder Meetings.

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